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Happy 9th Birthday Tillee!

Thank you Peggy Baird for providing such
a wonderful home for her!

Letter from Peggy

It's December 14th, so bear with me…and share with me….. the joy of having a "marvelously middle aged" Havanese...  

Today I want to acknowledge the 9th birthday of Tillee, our first Havanese.  
Queen of the Household;
Patient Grand Mom to 3 precious litters of Havanese and 3 pitifully-furless grandchildren of ours (who are fully loved despite their naked condition);  

Greeter of all who enter our Home;
Therapist to those in need of a hug, a listening ear, a kiss or better yet, a good scrubbing; 
Retired Flyball Dog who still BEGS to chase and jump and tug - providing endless energy-burning entertainment for the pitifully-furless grandchildren; 

Tender footed Girlie-Girl who chooses carefully, if she must, to step between the raindrops and around the puddles;
Fearsome chewer of all things crunchy, crackly and sometimes stinky; 
Shredder of paper and cartons and tissues;
Owner and warmer of all sofa-sitting laps; 
Teacher of manners and gentle entertainer of furbabies all;
Agility Dog extraordinaire, who was halted in her professional career by her most tender Girlie-Girl feet, but has not let that prevent her from bounding effortlessly onto beds, chairs, sofas and the occasional table (should there be the opportunity for unobserved snacking);

"down, roll over, wave, big speak, little speak, dance, jump, over, through"  all done with a joy and energy that is difficult to match…;

Walker (or Peeker) who stands so straight on her hind legs that she looks like a small child;

Yard Sniffer magnificent - yet one of the rare Havanese who has never seen a squirrel ( for lack of looking I suppose…);

Snow Bounder;
Leaf Cruncher;
Proud yet Tolerant Pack Leader;
And Holder of My Heart

We have been so blessed to have this beautiful spirit in our midst.  On this 9th birthday (where did the time go ? ), as I run my fingers through her silky fur and look into eyes that seem so timeless, I am reminded that she is in those years (what I hope and pray will be  those middle years )  and that I will not have her with me forever -    to make me laugh and to share snuggles.     As my mind travels from my husband's roundtrip marathon from Philly to Arizona and back with a tiny dark-eyed ball of fuzz…. through 9 years of life, I realize that "joy" bounded through the door that first day - and remains happily sleeping at my feet as I type.

Happy Birthday, Tillee, Bringer of  Joy  

Peggy Baird
Que Pasa Havanese




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